Red Wine Chorizo

Glazed red wine chorizo bites are coated in a glistening honey and red wine sauce to be one of the most tantalizing appetizers you will devour this…


Blueberry Chai Cocktail

Served warm or cold, this chai spiced blueberry cocktail with vanilla cream syrup and spiced rum is the perfect drink to sip all season long.

Italian Wedding Soup

Dive into a hearty bowl of warm Italian wedding soup loaded with filling pork meatballs. The perfect d…

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Holiday Tea Bundt Cake

Loaded with creamy, nutty, spiced and vanilla flavors and aromas from tea, this bundt cake is the perf…

Gingerbread Poached Pears

The easiest winter dessert recipe? Gingerbread poached pears. Infused with a gingerbread spice tea, th…

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Peppermint Cacao Bars

Tasting like a chocolate candy cane, these cacao bars are vegan and loaded with nutrients while satisf…

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